Question: When will someone contact me?

Answer: Normally within 24 hours

Question: Where can I find out about your interventions and services?

Answer: After you have submitted an enquiry form, you will receive comprehensive information via email and a follow up telephone call to discuss your ideas, plans, circumstances or concerns.

Question: The contact form is not working. Is there another way of contacting you?

Answer: Email us at enquiries@quiteducation.com.au

Question: Do you conduct work outside of the Sydney metropolitan area?

Answer: Yes, we service all of NSW as well as provide interventions for companies and organisations requiring a national response.

Question: Do you provide interventions that are unproven but still popular, such as hypnosis?

Answer: No. We only undertake evidence based interventions based on the findings of high quality research.

Question: Are you services free or at a reduced cost for ‘not for profit’ organisations?

Answer: Sometimes. Our service rarely receive any funding, and therefore we are generally unable to provide significant fee reductions to ‘not for profit’ organisations. However, from time to time grants and sponsorships do become available. We will inform you if any funding is available after you contact us.

Question: Do you conduct interventions outside of regular business hours, such as early morning, night time or weekends?

Answer: Yes. We work in collaboration with you to meet your organisational needs, such as covering different shift patterns.

Question: I am an individual wanting help to quit smoking. What is the correct number to call or website to reach?

Answer: Please call 137848 or visit www.icanquit.com.au